Lasergrid for Ballet Performance 2017

For the first time LaserAnimation has supported a laser installation at the Komischen Oper Berlin with appropriate equipment.

During performance of the ballet named "Erde" by N. Duato, blue laser beams cross the auditorium as well as the stage in a scene. The beams produce a grid which gives the impression of a prison in accordance with the content of piece

A total of 30 laser modules were installed on the 1st and 2nd balcony as well as in the entire stage area and remain installed in the theater for further performances of this ballet in 2017.

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Scenography: Numen + Ivana Jonke

Photos: © LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH


Installed Systems

  • BLITZ Grid
    Laser system containing laser modules equipped with blue laser source 450 nm / 2000 mW plus beam shaping, integrated in anodized housing IP 65 (19 pieces gold anodized, 11 pieces black anodized) and power supply (6 pieces) and remote control unit (1 piece)


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