Updates for Lpv Creator and Lpv Player available

The updated version 2022/05/10 is now available for download. more


New release of the Laser Disable software

This release introduces a Device Status window. more


Lasergraph DSP Release 2021/09/20

This release adds a great new command to the Lasergraph DSP more


New release of LGTimecode

Standalone version with new features under Windows. more


LGRemote 2021/07/02

New update comes with new features and fixes. more


Lasergraph DSP now available as output device in ILD Render

ILD Render from automatic-BRAIN now supports the Lasergraph DSP as an output device. more

News 2019


New Member of the Lasergraph DSP Production Suite: LGControl


LGControl, based on the OSC protocol (Open Sound Control), allows you to control functions and operating parameters of one or more Lasergraph DSPs or any device that supports the OSC protocol within a network.

You find the program LGControl in our download area and watch our video tutorial!



DGC Mapping

DGC Mapping

Integrated in our PHAENON accurate laser projector and our AVB2ILDA converter, DGC Mapping allows you to correctly diplay a projection image on an uneven projection screen. With this we create a comprehensible and user-friendly process that makes projecting images on a wide range of objects possible.

Watch our video tutorial on Digitial Geometric Correction!



DEEP WEB 2019 at Kraftwerk Berlin

DEEP WEB 2019 Ankündigung

With 12 of our PHAENON X laser projectors and 175 moving ballons Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke turned the place into an abstract scene like from a movie. In the DEEP WEB exhibition, the audience could experience a 30-minute cycles of patterns and sound scapes. The laser projection was tuned to the movement of the ballons and depending on your own position in the room you could immerse into the sea of lights or observe the magic light creature from afar.

Watch this video with interviews by Christopher Bauder, Robert Henke und Michael Sollinger.




Lasergraph DSP Release 2019/04/30

News DSP Release 2019

A central component of the new release 2019/04/30 is the simplification of the interplay between Timescript and Trickfilm.
The video tutorial "Timescript / Film / Sync" illustrates the resulting possibilities.

A detailed description of all further changes can be found in the Release Notes.



Flyer LaserAnimation Sollinger

news Flyer

Our fantastic flyer which we have already presented on prolight + sound 2019 is now available on our website.

See what we do and how we work and get exited by the amazing play of colors our lasers create at a variety of events.

You can also find more information on our projects on our project website and our products are listed here!



prolight + sound 2019

News prolight + sound 2019

At this year's prolight + sound we presented our new feature Digital Geometrical Correction and Mapping of laser projectors. Together with LSE we received numerous visitors from April 2 to 5, showed our devices and applications and were happy about many interesting conversations.

Watch this video for some impressions!





Laserworld as distributing partner for PHAENON accurate

News Laserworld Distributor Phaenon accurate

The PHAENON accurate is already a very successful product. To make this laser projector more known to a wider range of clients, LaserAnimation Sollinger is increasing the distribution network by choosing Laserworld as a distributing partner for the PHAENON accurate laser systems.


Further details about the device:

Further details about Laserworld:

News 2018


New Release Lasergraph DSP Software

Release November 2018 Teaser

The new release of the DSP software is available in our donwload area.


  • BOOT name is displayed on the start menu. With a double-click shows can be loaded easily.
  • In the "Display Color Setup" you can choose the new dark color setting "Ocean".
  • "SaveWinPos" command saves the window position of each desktop resolution independently.
  • New menu item "Reverse" in the "SetColorBuffer" for changing the order of the entered colors.
  • The command "ModifyDisplayZones" was extended to add and delete individual DGC zones.


DSP User Meeting 2018 Review

DSP User Meeting 2018 Teaser

On Friday, Novermber 23rd, our DSP User Meeting took place in Berlin. Besides new features in the DSP software and a new version of the Laser Disable button and software, we heard a lecture by Dipl.-Ing. Max Weidling about the legal situation of laser registration and risk assessment. Furthermore, we introduced the Split Screen Projection and talked about the current state of AVB, our AVB to ILDA adapter and the possibility of recording shows. Finally, new features of our software LA-Toolbox were presented.


ILDA 2018

ILDA 2018 Teaser

From the 9th to 13rd of November the ILDA takes place in Montréal.

Five days full with interesting workshops, seminars and exciting events are waiting for us. We are proud to provide all laser systems for the ILDA-produced events and after our extensive preparations and setup tests, we are looking foward to those extraordinary days!

Find more details on the conference here!



ADREM Adapter


The USB interface ADREM converts an analog SMPTE timecode to a midi timecode which can be used as timing signal for the Lasergraph DSP.  
The MIDI timecode can be read by the LGServer software and selected in the setup menu of LGRemote for the Lasergraph DSP.

With the two different models you can choose between the compact ADREM USB TC READER GENERATOR with timecode display and the handy ADREM TIME CODE USB STICK.

If you are interested in the ADREM adapter feel free to contact us.



Berlin leuchtet 2018

Berlin leuchtet_Oberbaumbrücke_titel

Until the 14th of october many places and buildings in Berlin light up daily from 7.30 p.m. to 0.00 p.m.

Our installations can be found at:
* Oberbaumbrücke
* Märkisches Viertel
* Siegssäule



Illuminale Trier

Illuminale Trier 2018_03

One week ago the Illuminale took place in the Kaisertherme and the Palace Garden in Trier.


For more Information see our Project Website.


Laser Disable

Laser disable news transparent

Customers using Laser Disable should update their version. In the new version, the option 'Start disabled' has been added. Besides, minor bugs have been fixed, making the software more compatible with Windows 10 or OS X 10.10 (or newer) operating systems. In addition, the update prevents the power saving mode 'App Nap' on Mac computers.

The update is available free of charge for all Laser Disable users:



New Version proTize converter


With the proTize converter it is possible to convert bitmaps and vector files into laser images.
In the new version minor bugs and security issues have been fixed.

The update of the proTize converter is available free of charge for all Lasergraph DSP Mark 2 users.

Users of the dongle version are required to contact our support.


New Version LA Toolbox



Enhancement of the tabs "AVB" and "Safety" for the PHAENON Accurate projectors

Download LA Toolbox V2018-06-18


Jeff Miles 'Lost in Space' 2018


During the concert of the well-known techno-musician in the Halle aux Grains in the French city of Toulouse, our laser systems (12 PHAENON Accurates and others), have provided the laser effects.

Read more: → Projects



Olympic Games 2018

It was a great pleasure for us to support our South Korean partner Laser Witchery Production Inc. in its extensive installation for the final ceremony of the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.



New Lasergraph DSP Release 2018

The Lasergraph DSP provides now an automatic correction of the DGC (Digital Geometric Correction) which enables the user to perfectly adjust the DGC much faster than before.

→ Read more in the Release Notes

Download Lasergraph DSP Software dated 18-02-27




ILDA Viewer
 news-2018-01-30_t The ILDA Viewer allows the display of laser show frames in "ILDA Image Data Transfer" format on a PC or Mac. This practical tool offers users a convenient way to view ILDA frames without the need of a laser show controller.

The ILDA Viewer provides four different views. The user can choose to display a single view or all four views simultaneously.
In addition detailed file information can be displayed for each frame.

Download ILDA Viewer

News 2017

21.09.2017Lasergraph DSP Software Release



  • two new commands for saving and loading the Variables Array,
  • beam-table provides a new button called "Mirror Beams" which enables you to flip all beams horizontally or vertically,
  • More values are allowed within one OSC packet.




05.02.2017New Design BLITZ Lasergrid



New designed laser system with enhanced functionality available.
First installation of the new system in the Komischen Oper Berlin → Application Example







For Lasergraph DSP Users: New ShowLine Release 2017-02-28 Available


New function "Effect Pool Manager": Enables to copy entries from one trickfilm to another one with drag and drop.


News 2016


  1. First Full Color Laser Projector Based on AVB


    Following comprehensive redesign of the prototype PHAENON Accurate LaserAnimation can now offer the first full color laser projector which uses the new revolutionary IEEE 802.1 AVB standard for streaming of laser images via LAN.
    Managing Director M. Sollinger: "We think this will change the way laser shows are produced, stored and operated. Laser display data is treated in the same way as audio data i.e. laser images can be used like samples and modified in terms of size and color. We hope this will open laser to a much wider range of artists, since no special laser show programming knowledge is necessary."
  2. Two Artistic ILDA Awards for LaserAnimation
    • 1st place for the light art and laser performance "Deep Web"
    • 3rd place for the laser show "Empire State of Mind"



New DSP Release Dated 2016-10-17

New features and enhancements:

  • The LoopCnt window now displays the absolute time.
  • New trickfilm command to limit the frame rate available.
  • In connection with the new release of "LGRemote" an adaption of the desktop resolution of the Lasergraph DSP to the screen resolution of the PC is possible now.
  • Enhancement of Master/Slave operation



Review Lasergraph DSP Usermeeting & Workshop performed on 10/14/2016



New Free Show Named "Fernweh"


Excellent beam show for 3 Lasergraph DSP channels; Design & Music by
Stephan RieckFernwehPreview.lpv



Award for 700 Taipans

The current level of 706 integrated Taipan laser modules would achieve a cumulative laser power of 3,816.5 Watt!



Fall - Audio Visual Laser Installation Created by Robert Henke


  • Presented during L.E.V. Festival Gijon Spain April 28 2016 - May 4 2016
  • Used laser units: 2 PHAENON X RYGB 30000



Yvette Mattern: Global Rainbow Installation in Berlin


Support of this project by providing special laser systems named "PHAENON Rainbow"
At the start of this year's project the laser units beamed the colors of the rainbow into the evening sky over Berlin from 27 to 30 April 2016.



  1. New Version Lasergraph DSP Software Dated 2016-03-22


    The new Lasergraph DSP system software release introduces new color settings for a more modern appearance of the Lasergraph DSP. For this dark colors were used which are rich in contrast nonetheless, making working in low ambience lighting much more comfortable. The user can now choose from four different new color settings, "Carbon" (Standard), "Basbon", "Carbots" and "Darklux".
    Further improvments → Release Notes!
  2. Extract PLS 2016
    We presentd on our booth
    - the new PHAENON X Mini
    - the new software level for the Lasergraph DSP
    - the new Lumia glass grating creating the Blur effect
    - the "Fat Beams"


Deep Web - Most Spectacular Exhibition During CTM Festival 2016 in Berlin


The world premiere of Deep Web from February 2nd to 7th 2016 as part of the CTM festival was an overwhelming success, mainly for lighting artist Christopher Bauder and composer Robert Henke, but also for the different teams which supported and accompanied this installation.

A matrix of 175 lit spheres hanging on motorized winches as well as the beams from 12 installed high-power laser projectors formed a structure of lines and dots hovering in space with ever changing colors and movements. The laser-lit spheres moved in synchronous choreography with the composition (8 channel surround sound) by Robert Henke.

News 2015


Lasergraph DSP Playback: Big Show - Small Price


To make realizing setups with multiple Lasergraph DSP more affordable the Lasergraph DSP Playback is now available. This is a non-editable version which will turn into a full-fledged Lasergraph DSP as soon as a Lasergraph DSP with the new Licensor feature is present in the network.

The new Lasergraph DSP Playback is used for playing back DSP laser shows. As with all other Lasergraph DSP controllers its characteristics are highest reliability and unrivalled
output quality. Installed in the tried and tested DSP compact housing it features all necessary interfaces for integrating other event- and stage devices in addition to the laser projector (ILDA, DMX, SMPTE, MIDI, RS232, RS485, Sync, LAN).

When the Playback is connected to a network which contains a Lasergraph DSP Mark 2 Licensor it immediately becomes a fully editable Lasergraph DSP. The Licensor generates a temporary editing license for the Playback as long as the network connection exists. This licensing mechanism is completely automated in a local network with hundreds of DSP Playback platforms and any Lasergraph DSP Mark 2 Licensor. No user input is necessary!

The price for one Lasergraph DSP Playback is 2190 EUR. The PCB for integration into a laser projector is even more advantageous.

The new software level Mark 2 Licensor is available for all Lasergraph DSP hardware platforms (compact + PCB, compact dual, travel and workstation). It can also be installed on existing systems through an upgrade.  Please ask your dealer about the relevant conditions!


Four ILDA Awards for LaserAnimation

  • Graphics show "Nosferatu"
  • Classical beam show "Adventures" for multiple projectors.
  • Graphics show "Major Tom" 
  • Photo "Destructive Observation Field"



New Releases: DSP Software, Programs of the DSP Production Suite...


1. New Release Lasergraph DSP Software Dated 2015/09/07

Numerous requests of DSP users have been implemented in this release, e. g.

  • the snap function in LoopCnt window,
  • new function [FromTimescript] in Edit mode,
  • enhancement of the "ApplyBitmap" command,
  • new buttons [FindEntry], [FindSubroutine] were added to the menu of the  Trickfilm commands "GoSub"...,
  • the "Auto Maximize" option can be disabled in the Super Preview Setup
  • etc.

2. Programs of the DSP Production Suite Updated

There are new versions of the following programs available:

  • LGRemote (PC and Mac Version)
  • Lpv Creator
  • Lpv Player
  • proTize converter DSP

The compatibility to Windows Vista/7/8/10 has been improved and small bugs have been fixed.

3. Compatibility Tests to Windows 10

All programs of the DSP Production Suite have been successfully checked for compatibility to Windows 10.

4. New Demofiles

Comprehensive collection of all examples for the Trickfilm commands updated.


DSP User Meeting on September, 18



New Brand: PHAENON Accurate


This projector was designed for laser applications without elaborate installation. With its handy design it is perfect for mobile use, e.g. for exhibitions which are presented in different locations in a short period of time.


  • Carbon housing
  • High value 5.5W RGB laser module which is developed and manufactured by LaserAnimation.

LaserAnimation has presented the prototype of this newly developed RGB laser projector at the Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt a. Main.


Enhancement PHAENON X Series with PHAENON X Mini


Using our compact red and blue laser modules it is now possible to combine the inner components more efficiently and to integrate the whole projector into a smaller housing. With the smaller dimensions the weight is also reduced, making the laser projector more comfortable to use.

Available Mini Models :

  • PHAENON X Mini RGB 5500
  • PHAENON X Mini RGB 7000

Dimensions (without yoke): 375 mm x 291 mm 223 mm (LxWxH)


Award for 600 integrated TAIPAN Laser Sources



Laser Performance Lumière II by R. Henke with BLIZZARD Laser Projectors



First Release Lasergraph DSP Software Dated 15-01-15 Feature

  • wysiwyg Support


    wysiwyg is an award-winning lighting design software created by CAST Software Ltd. from Canada → from version R34 with laser visualization
  • New functions in the Trickfilm
    Variables-Array contains 10.000 elements and is a useful tool for more complex programming tasks
    DMXOut() is used to control one channel of the DMX output and the similar function DMXOut16()  which combines two consecutive channels into one 16-bit channel.
  • Display of freely chosen messages in the  "Laser Disable" mechanism


M.E.E.N. "Middle East Event Network" New Distibution Partner in the Middle East


News 2014


Support for wysiwyg Visualiation Software


wysiwyg is an award-winning lighting design software created by CAST Software Ltd. from Canada. It allows a highly realistic visualization of a complete stage design for show productions.
An important feature of the new software release wysiwyg R34 is the integration of laser visualization.

The latest versions of LpvPlayer and LpvCreator already contain the wysiwyg support.
The Lasergraph DSP software will support wysiwyg with the next release.


1. ILDA Award for FLUIDIC


First place in the category "Innovative Application" during the 2014 ILDA Conference.

2. Festival at Brandenburg Gate November 9, 2014 also with Laser


On November 9th 2014, the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, a big peoples' party was held at the Brandenburg Gate ...

3. New Release Lasergraph DSP Software 14-11-12


1. New Free Update of proTize max Plug-in


Supports Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 and feature two new parameters which extremely enhance laser output quality :

  1. Adjustable Softblanking parameter inside the Modifier Stack. Every object can now have a different softblanking attribute.
  2. Adjustable "Black Threshold" in the proTize parameter.

2. New Release GoboWizard and DeeMagiX

  • GoboWizard Dated 14-09-30
    Beside some internal changes we added the menu "IP configuration" feature (main menu tab "Setup" )  to make it easier to change IP and Subnet from inside the GoboWizard.
  • DeeMagiX Version 4 Feature free adjustable colors, 16 selectable DGCs, adjustable scan frequency

3. PHAENON X AT 30000 - Laser Projector with 7 TAIPANs


For high-power outdoor applications the PHAENON X AT 30000 is now available

4. LaserAnimation Supports Festival of Lights as well as Berlin Leuchtet


  • FoL: Concert "Lumissimo" at Berliner Dom
  • Berlin Leuchtet: Europacenter, Siegesäule, Dom Aquareé, Shopping center "Galaria Kaufhof"


1. New Release Lasergraph DSP Software Dated 14-08-20

  • Different test patterns can now be selected: In addition to the known DSP test pattern the pictures within the catalog "Testpattern.CATL" can be used.
  • New command "Find" opens the selection list for timescript commands.
  • Restriction of the movement in the DGC was enhanced.

New Release LA Toolbox Software Dated 2014-08-15


  • LAN Functionality for Mac / PC:
    All functions and parameters / diagnosis of multiple laser projectors can now be controlled by one "LA Toolbox" via ethernet.
  • The laser output for all connected laser devices is switched off immediately when clicking the “Disable All” button.

3. Support for Art Project "Destructive Observation Field" 


Laser in a new Dimension - performed by the artist R. Henke.
This impressive multicolor laser installation was shown in Lille (France) and Berlin.
Robert Henke choose the PHAENON X Pro with orange laser source.

4. Central Emergency-Off Box


If you have several laser projectors in one installation you may want to use just one E-stop.
Our new "E-stop Distribution Box" features six galvanic separated connectors for six projectors and can be expanded for more projectors. This box enables all projectors with serial control to use the features of the new LA Toolbox. No additional serial-USB converter is needed


LaserAnimation Supported Wings of Time


The spectacular multimedia project "Wings of Time" was realized by the French Company ECA2 on the small Sentosa island, a leisure paradise 10 km south of Singapore.
Four of our high-end PHAENON X as well as four of our successful BLITZ laser projectors provide the necessary laser power - 90 W in total.
The laser was wonderfully designed by our friend Claude Lifante.


New Release Lasergraph DSP Software Dated 14-07-08

Selection list for Timescript commands instead entering these commands using the menu


New Release Lasergraph DSP Software 14-05-15 with Important Feature: "Laser Disable" via Ethernet


The new function "Laser Disable" offers a simple way to activate resp. deactivate the laser output on one or more Lasergraph DSP Mark 2 from one or more positions.
In addition the Lasergraph DSP Mark 2 can be combined into groups and if necessary these groups can be turned on or off independent of each other.

For operation there is the new software "Laser Disable", which runs under Windows or Mac OSX.
Since all communication is done over Ethernet no additional cables have to be installed and the individual emergency-off buttons can be placed in different locations (e.g. FOH and backstage)


Our New Offer for Lasergraph DSP Clients

Lasergraph DSP users can now purchase the visualization software supported by the DSP:

  • Realizzer 3D
  • Capture Polar
  • Depence V:3D
  • Lightconverse




  • Creating a stage setup
  • Importing 3D models
  • Working with media/lasers
  • Mapping laser onto 3D objects
  • Integrating Capture into the Lasergraph DSP workflow


Neues Lasergraph DSP Software Release 14-03-11

  • Three new commands in the trickfilm for picture output onto one or more projection zones...
  • New command "Subroutine"...
  • Support for visualization software "Realizzer 3D"


LaserAnimation presents a new hardware platform of its legendary Lasergraph DSP series, the Lasergraph DSP travel.


Small. Light. Powerful.
Perfectly Designed for Mobile Applications

This laser show controller offers full performance at a much smaller volume, because the new design makes it possible to integrate a complete Lasergraph DSP compact Mark 2 into a small lightweight ABS Polymer housing.


1. Award for 500 integrated TAIPANS


2. Lasergrid for Premiere of Laser Headlights on Audi R18


LaserAnimation supported a spectacular laser project by providing the necessary laser technology on the occasion of the CES 2014 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.

News 2013


  • BLIZZARD laser projectors installed during premiere of "Lumière I" 
  • New DSP system software dated 13-11-28
  • Two ILDA Awards for LaserAnimation 


1. ShowLine – New Innovation for the Lasergraph DSP Mark 2


After an intensive development process and a comprehensive test phase we are proud to present ShowLine, the long awaited timeline application for the Lasergraph DSP Mark 2.
The software makes arranging laser effects with audio or video files simple and clear. All entries of a Lasergraph DSP show can be integrated into the time axis and synchronized with an audio- or video file.

ShowLine Features

  • Simple operation
  • Multi-lingual user guidance (current English and German)
  • Many practical functions such as SNAP, Undo/Redo, positioning of markers, loop-in/out and many more for comfortable operation
  • 4 film tracks for each Lasergraph DSP
  • Well-arranged effect library
  • Individual configuration of the user interface through free positioning and scaling of windows for the effect library and the video preview
  • Supported media formats: *.WAV, *.MP3, *.WMV, *.AVI

PC under Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32 or 64 Bit
Lasergraph DSPsoftware 2013-08-30 or later

2. New Release Lasergraph DSP Software Dated 2013-08-30

Additional to the interface for our new timeline application "ShowLine" the new system software feature

  • new command "InsertTracks" simplified the sub-division of a loop
  • further new commands to create ScriptButtons
  • much improved output quality with visualization in Syncronorm V:3D (compare picture)


LaserAnimation Supports LUMISSIMO at the Berliner Dom


On the evening of October 9th 2013 for the opening of this year's "Festival of Lights" the special concert LUMISSIMO had its premiere in the Berliner Dom at the Lustgarten. The audience witnessed a wonderful symbiosis of music, laser and light.

One highlight of the concert was the combination of a laser harp with the great Sauer organ with organ works by Johann Sebastian Bach.


New Version of LGServer with File System Server...


The LGServer has been enhanced with the File System Server.  Its setup is configured analogous to the  "File System Server Setup" on the Lasergraph DSP. (Compare picture - click to enlagre).
The File System Server can always be used if the access to the Windows shares is too complicated or not possible for any reasons.


New Release Lasergraph DSP 2013-07-11


Feature an enhancement of the "ScriptButtons" with new as well as supplemented commands which allow e. g. the creation of a  toolbar or other individually designed interfaces.


New Lasergraph DSP Software Dated 2013-05-23

The current software version makes it possible to create  "ScriptButtons" (grafical symbols) with the Lasergraph DSP Mark 2.
These ScriptButtons allow to enhance the existing graphic user interface (GUI) of the DSP by adding more buttons or to create completely new interfaces for special applications.


LAToolbox App Available

The WIFI version of the LA Toolbox program is available free of charge in the Apple App Store. All laser projectors of the PHAENON X series can now be controlled using an iPhone or an iPod touch.


LA Toolbox Software: Mac Version Available

It is now possible to use the LA Toolbox on a Apple Mac computer.
System requirement: Mac OS X 10.6 or newer
PHAENON X laser projectors as well as the "Basic" models BLITZ, BLIZZARD and PHAENON Basic can now be controlled using a PC or a Mac.


Release Lasergraph DSP Software 2013-04-24

Features characteristic line correction for the individual laser lines - allows a significant improvement in the color behavior and thereby the whole picture output.


LaserAnimation Participated in Art Project "FLUIDIC - Sculpture in Motion for Hyundai's Advanced Design Center"


Between April 9 and 14, 2013 the art installation „FLUIDIC – Sculpture In Motion“ was displayed in the Temporary Museum for New Design in Milan. The installation was designed and produced by Berlin based design studio WHITEvoid for Hyundai’s Advanced Design Center.

In cooperation with WHITEvoid LaserAnimation had participated in development, installation and performance of this project. Additional our company provided eight dual color laser projectors BLIZZARD each with integrated laser show controller Lasergraph DSP Mark 2 for the artwork.


Motorized Beam Adjustment in PHAENON X Projectors


Internal component for superposing the beams

It can be controlled using the "LA Toolbox" Software - allowing an easy and comfortable adjustment of the beam superposition. This is a big advantage of the new PHAENON X projectors which users will certainly appreciate. The position of the individual beams can change over time when the projectors are frequently transported, set up and taken down again. Until now the beams could only be adjusted using the small adjustment screws on the side of the device. In everyday use the projectors are often already installed in a stage setup, e.g. attached to a truss high up, when the laser is turned on and the beam misalignment is discovered. This used to mean the laser had to be taken down again for adjustment. This considerable effort is no longer necessary using the "Beam Adjust" of the LA Toolbox Software.


New Harware Platform Lasergraph DSP compact dual


It features 2 scanner outputs (ILDA Out-1 and ILDA Out-2) for more flexibility e.g. for stereoscopic projections and two-scanner shows  


Next Generation PHAENON X - Convincing Innovation!


With the wide range of outstanding "all in one" full color laser projectors of the PHAENON series LaserAnimation has been present on the full color laser system market for many years. The new generation PHAENON X now offers many new features and enhancements, e.g.

  • New design - housing with plastic edges  stable stainless steel yoke, slidable beam blocking shade, stable hanging for mounting on truss
  • New control software LA-Toolbox with "Electronic Masking" function - new safety technology perfectly protects the audience during laser projections as well as optical equipment such as video beamers and cameras - and several other new features
  • New powerful red as well as blue laser diode modules allow higher laser output power.

News 2012


proTize converter DSP Software Tool Available for Apple Macintosh:
First version proTizeConverterDSP--2012-12-04.dmg can be installed under Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

PC Software (LGRemote, Lpv Player etc. ) compatible with Windows 8 


Lasergraph DSP Supports Capture Polar


In addition to "Depence V:3D" (Syncronorm) and "LIGHTCONVERSE" the Lasergraph DSP now supports a further visualization software named "Capture Polar" which features:

  • Can be used on Apple  Macintosh OS X as well as on PCs with Windows.
  • Offers a well-arranged user interface which allows three-dimensionally displaying of all elements used for a stage production in real-time.
  • Affords a comfortable operation.

Neue Software Versionen with "Capture Polar" Support

  1. Lasergraph DSP Software dated 2012-10-29 
  2. Lpv Player dated 2012-11-22 with function 'Send NetTimecode' which makes it possible to send the current timecode as Net-Timecode over the network.
  3. Lpv Creator dated 2012-11-13 with 'Send NetTimecode'  and new function 'Sync to NetTimecode' which allows to synchronize the playback of an Lpv file to incoming Net-Timecode


1. 5 ILDA Awards for LaserAnimation


2. BLITZ Laser Projectors Beaming over Vladivostok


Our Russian distributor Laserkinetics implemented a spectacular laser installation in the far-east town of Vladivostok using BLITZ laser projectors integrated into special outdoor boxes.


Gobo Wizard for Mac OS X


In addition to LGRemote and LGTimecode the third program of the Lasergraph DSP Production Suite is available for Mac OS X


Lasergraph DSP now with Mac OS X Support


Many DSP users have been awaiting this news desperately! It is now possible to program and edit DSP laser shows on a Apple Mac computer with LGRemote. Additionally there is a special Mac version of LGTimecode available.

System requirement: Mac OS X 10.6 or newer


Release Lasergraph DSP Software 2012-09-06


"Super Preview":

  • New parameter "Scanner Rating" was added in the 'SP Setup' to allow simulation of different scanners,
  • Two virtual scanners are independently adjustable (see pic.)

OSC Protocol:

  • Significant enhancement of  Open Sound Control support


Lasergraph DSP Mark 2 Supports "Depence V:3D"


The new Lasergraph DSP software version dated 2012-08-17 now supports the visualization software "Depence V:3D Visualizer" of Syncronorm.


New Version Lpv Creator dated 2012-07-13 features:

  • The Lpv Creator can now be used as source for the visualization software LightConverse.
  • Using the new function "Send NetTimecode" it is possible to send the current timecode as Net-Timecode over the network.


1. Award for 400 Integrated TAIPAN Laser Sources


400 integrated laser diodes would achieve a cumulative laser power of 2048,5 Watt !

2. PHAENON Laser Projectors Applicated during the Expo in South Korea as well as in Disneyland Paris

  • "Big-O-Show" by ECA2 regularly shown during the EXPO

  • On Occassion of 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris our PHAENONs as well as a special outdoor version of a BLIZZARD  - the "Second Star" - were installed on Sleepy Beauting Castle



PHAENON and BLITZ Projectors with U. Lindenberg on tour



LaserAnimation supported laser spectacle in the Allianz Arena in Munich


News 2011


DeeMagiX Now a Component of the Mark 2 Production Suite


From Lasergraph DSP system software dated 2011-04-29 or later
allows to control extraordinary laser effects with a connected DMX lighting console.


Lasergraph DSP Software Release 2011-10-24


New sophisticated Tickfilm commands for excellent color impressions:

  1. ApplyColorCycle allows simple creation of fantastic color effects.
  2. CycleBeamColor offers a simple way to color scan beams and to realize beam chases.


1. New Laser Projector Phaenon AT TRIPAN

Successful Phaenon AT series enhanced with the TRIPAN based on special Coherent package of Taipan OPSL diodes

  • 1,5W red (639nm)
  • 2W green (532nm)
  • 1,5W blue (460nm)

2. LaserAnimation During "Festival of Lights"


Spectacular laser projections on the "Fernsehturm" (TV tower) in Berlin - the TV tower as "Lightsaber"


1. Our Lasergraph DSP is celebrating its 20th birthday

with presents for Lasergraph DSP users as well with a special usermeeting


2. National Day Parade in Singapore with BLITZ Laser Projectors




LaserAnimation Certified According To ISO 9001:2008

The Certification Body of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH certifies that the company has established and applies a Quality Management System for

    Development, manufacturer and states of laser systems for event and scientific technical purposes.


Release Lasergraph DSP Software 2011-07-06


  • With the new  Trickfilm command "SetBeamColor" e. g. color transitions between two colors can easily be realized.
  • The OSC (Open Sound Control)  support has been enhanced.


1. New Accessory for Lasergraph DSP:  Midi Controller "Ohm64"


The OHM64 is a Midi controller for comfortably controlling effects and parameters of the live mode in the "jr. Live! "
Of course the controller can also be used to control other shows on the DSP.

2. PHAENON RGB Projections On "Realhorns"


At the Traunreuter Lichternacht (night of lights) event in September 2011 the spectacular horns will be used for laser projections.


Release Lasergraph  DSP Software 2011-04-29 Supports OSC



1. LaserAnimation Awarded during Prolight & Sound


 Coherent celebrated the occasion of the shipment of the 1000th Taipan laser by awarding the best selling integrators with a special Taipan unit.
LaserAnimation Sollinger GmbH sold almost 300 Taipan lasers and received  the " 250+units " award.
Peter Vogt and Arnaud Lepert of Coherent handed the award to Mr. Sollinger.

2. Lasergraph DSP Supports Visualization Software Lightconverse


Lasergraph DSP software from 2011-03-28 and later


1. DSP Software With License For Sms2Dsp!


Sms2Dsp!  is a comfortable program for communication between a cell phone and a Lasergraph DSP. A sent message from the cell will be displayed as laser projection within few seconds.

2. Next Generation PHAENON Basic


The new designed modular concept for this projector series allows even now the integration of all PHAENON RGB 5500 components including grating module as well as Lasergraph DSP PCB into the well-proven and very handy "Basic" enclosure.


New Version proTize max DSP


The new Release dated 2011-01-12 supports addional to the previous versions the recent versions 2010 and 2011 of 3ds Max.

News 2011 and earlier


New Release Lasergraph DSP Software 2010-12-20


New DSP Card for Lasergraph DSP workstation Mark 2


Now with  ILDA output "ILDA Out" to connect an ILDA compliant device

26 October 2010

  • LaserAnimation has participated as an official production partner in the light event "Festival of Lights 2010" in Berlin
  • Outdoor Version for PHAENON laser projectors available (headlamp housing by Martin)

30 September 2010

  • Presentation new layout of the website
  • Announcement of next  DSP User Group Meeting 7,  8 February 2011
  • New version LGRemote dated 2010-09-06

6 July 2010

  •  Lasergraph DSP supports visualization software LIGHTCONVERSE

6 May 2010

  • Review "Prolight+Sound 2010"

15 April 2010

  • Award for 300 integrated TAIPAN laser sources

10 March 2010

  • Award for 200 integrated TAIPAN laser sources
  • New Version Lasergraph DSP Software dated. 2010-03-08
  • New version "proTizemax" 2010-03-03
  • New series full color laser projectors "PHAENON RGB 1000, 1500, 2000" - based on the successful "PHAENON RGB 500" units

4 February 2010

  • New Version "proTize converter" Dated 2010-01-18
  • New Version "DemoFiles" Dated 2010-01-07

25 November 2009

  • Rollout "PHAENON RGB AT" -All TAIPAN-
    Full Color Laser Projectors for high laser output powers (up to 29W) based on Coherent Genesis TAIPAN laser sources
  • High-Power Laser Projector "PHAENON RYGB 15500" completes the ultra-compact systems of the well-known PHAENON RGB series.

12 November 2009

  • Award for 100 integrated TAIPAN laser sources

7 October 2009

  • Support "Festival of Lights" in Berlin (second time)

30 July 2009

  • Announcement Lasergraph DSP User Group Meeting 3, 4.September in Berlin
  • New Lasergraph DSP Software Dated 2009-07-23

25 June 2009

  • New Lasergraph DSP Software dated 2009-06-04
  • New PC software "Gobo Wizard" dated 2009-06-17

7 May 2009

  • New Version proTize converter dated 2009-04-24
  • New Version Lasergraph DSP Software dated 2009-04-20

2 April 2009

  • Presentation of new RGB laser systems PHAENON RGB
  • New version of Lasergraph DSP software dated 2009-03-24

8 December 2008

  • New versions Lasergraph DSP Software and PC program LGRemote dated 2008-11-28

26 November 2008

  • DSP Blog launched
  • "jr. Live!" - playback and live interface for all Mark 2 units from software version dated 2008-10-16
  • Basic training for Mark 2 users (4th/5th Dec.)
  • Outstanding laser installation during "Festival of Lights" 2008 in Berlin
  • Rollout workstation Mark 2
  • New version PC software "Gobo Wizard" dated 2008-10-10 for BLITZ Stage users available