The default package for most of our laser systems is a foam lined Aluminum box.
The following high-grade cases are optionally available on request. 

1. PELI Cases

Robust plastic cases, foam lined, suitable for the following laser projectors:

  • PELI Case 1620 for all projectors in the "Basic" enclosure
  • PELI Case 1630 for PHAENON X projectors with 620 mm length of housing (default with these devices)
  • PELI Case 1640 for PHAENON X projectors with 420 mm length of housing

2. bwh Box

Plastic box (No. 94205), foam lined for projectors in the "Basic" enclosure

3. Flight Cases

Professional cases made of plastic-coated plywood with metal edges and globular steel corners as well as butterfly locks (possible for all our laser systems)

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